Making Disciples Who Can Give Good Answers


8/28/16How To Live In A Somewhat Hostile WorldPaul EppUnavailable
9/4/16How Can I Discover God's Will For My Life?Paul EppUnavailable
9/11/16Why Should I Think That Church Is Relevant to My Life?Mike CaoUnavailable
9/18/16If Christianity Is True, Why Are There So Many Hypocrites?Paul EppDownload
9/25/16Why Are Christians So Intolerant?Paul EppDownload
10/2/16What Is the Christian's Responsibility to the Poor?Paul EppDownload
10/9/16Combined WorshipUnavailable
10/16/16What Does the Bible Teach About Homosexuality?Paul EppUnavailable
10/23/16What Does the Bible Teach About the Role of Men?Paul EppDownload
10/30/16What Does the Bible Teach About the Role of Women?Paul EppDownload
11/06/16What is the Christian's Ressponsibility to His or Her Government?Justin McGrearyDownload
11/13/16Why Does God Allow for Natural Disasters?Paul EppUnavailable
11/20/16How Can a Good God Send People to Hell?Ben HurtonDownload
11/27/16Thanksgiving MessagePaul EppUnavailable
12/4/16What Do Christians Believe About Romance?Paul EppUnavailable
12/11/16What is the Meaning of Christmas?Aaron HuiDownload


1/29/17Why Are Christians Against Abortion?Paul EppDownload
2/5/17Common GracePaul EppDownload
2/12/17Soft-Hearted for the Hard-HeartedPaul EppDownload
2/19/17Combined WorshipUnavailable
2/26/17Our Speaking God: Effective Calling and The Gospel CallPaul EppDownload
2/26/17Ji-won Choi's TestimonyDownload
3/5/17What Would Jesus Say to the Decent Religious Person?Paul EppDownload
3/12/17How Can We Be Saved From Our Sins?Paul EppDownload
3/19/17Pre Loved!Paul EppDownload
3/26/17The Case of the Person Who Doubted His SalvationPaul EppDownload
4/2/17Combined WorshipUnavailable
4/9/17Combined WorshipUnavailable
4/16/17What Difference Does It Make Whether Jesus Rose From the Dead or Not?Paul EppDownload
4/23/17Church of Antioch- Changing the Call SignPaul EppDownload
4/30/17Combined WorshipUnavailable
5/7/17What Comes Next? Death, then What?Paul EppDownload
5/14/17Enjoying Your Relationship With ChristUnavailable

Making Disciples Who Believe...

8/30/15God's Standards for Students of TheologyPaul EppDownload
9/6/15The Ways God Speaks to UsDavid LiuDownload
9/13/15Canon of ScripturesPaul EppDownload
9/20/15Authority of ScripturesPaul EppDownload
9/27/15Inerrancy of ScripturesDavid LiuDownload
10/4/15Clarity of ScripturesPaul EppDownload
10/11/15Necessity of ScripturesPaul EppDownload
10/18/15Sufficiency of ScripturesDavid LiuDownload
10/25/15Existence of GodPaul EppDownload
11/1/15Knowability of GodPaul EppDownload
11/8/15I Am Asking You To Be DifferentTsun En LiuDownload
11/15/15Incommunicable AttributesPaul EppDownload
11/22/15Communicable Attributes 1David LiuDownload
11/29/15Communicable Attributes 2Michael WongDownload
12/6/15TrinityPaul EppDownload
12/13/15AngelsDavid LiuDownload
12/20/15Satan & DemonsPaul EppDownload
2/26/16Surrendering more fully to God and His WordDr. John SanfordDownload
2/28/16Why It’s Theologically Important to Believe in a Historical AdamDr. John SanfordDownload
2/28/16The Scientific Evidence for a Historic AdamDr. John SanfordDownload

Making Disciples Who... Make Disciples Who...

8/31/14Hunger to LearnPaul EppDownload
9/7/14Obey the LordPaul EppDownload
9/14/14Shepherd OthersPaul EppDownload
9/21/14Teach OthersAndrew HockingDownload
9/28/14Are BaptizedPaul EppDownload
10/5/14Intercede for OthersStan MatuszDownload
10/19/14Read the BibleJoseph ChengDownload
10/26/14One AnotherPaul EppDownload
11/2/14Are Committed to Authentic CommunityPaul EppDownload
11/9/14Are Motivated by LoveJevon YuDownload
11/16/14Living in the Light of EternityJames PannafinoDownload
11/23/14Worship WholeheartedlyPaul EppDownload
12/7/14Jesus' Way of DiscipleshipTsun En LuDownload
12/14/14Sacrificially GivePaul EppDownload
1/25/15Help the NeedyJohn BarwickDownload
2/1/15Humbly ServePaul EppDownload
2/8/15Choose ChastityPaul EppDownload
2/22/15The Act of a Disciple-Connect to JesusMinister Bin TangDownload
3/1/15Love Non-ChristiansPaul EppDownload
3/8/15Help New Christians GrowPaul EppDownload
3/15/15Why God's Good News is Good NewsChuck TompkinsDownload
3/22/15Filled With the SpiritPaul EppDownload
4/12/15Step by StepDerrick TamDownload
4/19/15Are Going to HeavenPaul EppDownload
5/3/15Deny ThemselvesKK YuDownload
5/10/15Watch Their Lives and DoctrinePaul EppDownload

A Christ-Centered Life (Colossians)

9/1/13A Christ-Centered Author (1:1-2)Paul EppDownload
9/8/13A Christ-Centered Prayer (1:3-14)Paul EppDownload
9/15/13Christ-Centered Doctrine (1:15-23)Paul EppDownload
9/22/13Christian TransformationPastor Mike WongDownload
9/29/13A Faith That WorksPastor Greg HarrisDownload
10/6/13A Christ-Centered Leader (1:24-2:3)Paul EppDownload
10/20/13Christ-Centered Warnings (2:1-22)Paul EppDownload
11/3/13Church Community & Christian GrowthBijan MirtolooiDownload
11/10/13Christ-Centered Focus (3:1-4)Paul EppDownload
11/17/13Christ-Centered Repentance (3:5-11)Paul EppUnavailable
1/26/14Christ-Centered Character (3:12-17)Paul EppDownload
2/2/14Christ-Centered Family (3:18-22)Paul EppDownload
2/9/14From Generation to GenerationDavid NgUnavailable
2/16/14The Durian of EdenSteve FelkerUnavailable
2/23/14Christ-Centered Employment (3:23-25)Paul EppDownload
3/2/14Our Purpose: Manifesting JesusRob CheeleyDownload
3/9/14Could He Be the Messiah?Charles FickUnavailable
3/16/14Christ-Centered Justice and Fairness (4:1)Paul EppDownload
3/23/14Christ-Centered Priorities (4:2-6)Paul EppUnavailable
4/6/14Christ-Centered Christians (4:7-18)Paul EppUnavailable
4/13/14Christ-Centered MissionsKK YuUnavailable
4/20/14Christ-Centered EasterPaul EppUnavailable
5/4/14Christ-Centered DiscipleshipPaul EppUnavailable

The One Another Commandments

1/27/13Pray for One AnotherBrian KainUnavailable
2/3/13Love One AnotherPaul EppDownload
2/10/13Encourage One AnotherPaul EppUnavailable
2/17/13Instruct One AnotherChad McIntoshDownload
2/24/13Serve One AnotherTony HsuDownload
3/3/13Offer Hospitality to One AnotherPaul EppUnavailable
3/10/13Greet One AnotherPaul EppUnavailable
4/7/13Be Kind, Compassionate, Forgive One AnotherLuke McDermottDownload
4/14/13Missions SundayAaron LarsenDownload
4/21/13The Weight of GloryCharles LeeDownload
4/28/13Bear One AnotherPaul EppUnavailable
5/5/13Submit to One AnotherPaul EppUnavailable
5/12/13Honor One AnotherPaul EppUnavailable

Tests in James

8/26/12The Tough Times Test (1:1-18)Paul EppDownload
9/2/12The Authentic Religion Test (1:26-27)Paul EppDownload
9/9/12The Listening Test (1:19-25)Tony HsuDownload
9/16/12The Church Membership Test (2:1-13)Paul EppUnavailable
9/23/12Hope for the HurtingSabastian HuynhUnavailable
9/30/12The Salvation Test (2:14-26)Paul EppDownload
10/7/12I am the Good Shepherd (Combined)Tony HsuUnavailable
10/14/12Two Lefts Don't Make a RightTim HuUnavailable
10/21/12The Maturity Test (3:1-12)Paul EppDownload
10/28/12The Speech Test (3:13-18)Tony HsuDownload
11/4/12The Conflict Test (4:1-12)Paul EppUnavailable
11/11/12Anything, Anytime, AnywhereRon HartDownload
11/18/12The Planning Test (4:13-17)Paul EppDownload
11/25/12Grateful HeartTony HsuUnavailable
12/2/12The Injustice Test (5:1-11)Paul EppUnavailable
12/9/12The Community Test (5:12-20)Paul EppDownload